Audit Visibility and Permissions

December, 2019 – Many clients have expressed interest in having access to select lines of business limited to a restricted set of users. ClaimAuditor features are being [...]

Data Loads and Sample Management

October, 2019 – Datamethod has long provided clients the ability to automate their audit data loading and sampling process. We have created new, more transparent tools within [...]

Datamethod SOC 2 Report

June, 2019 – A SOC 2 Report is an established convention and yardstick for service organizations, like Datamethod, to demonstrate their commitment and adherence to security and [...]

ClaimAuditor Flag Enhancements

May, 2019 – This month we’ll be releasing a significant feature upgrade for the process of Flagging claims and errors in ClaimAuditor. The concept of Flags has [...]