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Introducing AuditWell


We are excited to announce that our flagship product, ClaimAuditor is getting a new, simplified name – AuditWell.

ClaimAuditor went live over 10 years ago with a narrow set of
features. Today’s AuditWell is a fifth generation enterprise
platform supporting distributed audit teams for Fortune 50
companies with best practice audit workflow and
functionality. Customers can audit transactions beyond claims.
With these innovations, our platform truly does support our customers to audit well – and to achieve their audit and compliance goals.

We are in the process of updating the product name in our internal systems and
across all assets and materials, including the website.The official rebranding transition began in July, 2022 and will continue over this year.

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See end-to-end details of each audit case with a full logged history of each step taken.


  • Productivity. Manage multiple audit teams, audit any type of transaction, multiple data sources and enterprise level reporting.
  • Audit Log. Track and see exactly what was done to each audit case and error.
  • Sample Controls. Track and see every sample change made – by date, filter, user or type of change.
  • Aging. Manage and report the aging of all transactions and backlog.


AuditWell gives you control of your audit process.

Welcome to ClaimAuditor

“I have 100 auditors and I can see, in real-time, what they’re auditing – and they can track themselves, too…”

Welcome to ClaimAuditor



Fewer mouse clicks – faster, easier to audit


  • Customization. You set up the audit workflows to meet your needs.
  • Time Tracking. Auditors log their time spent on audits – by type of work or category for ongoing management.
  • SLA. Loading and sampling drive the availability of work for your audit team – we put an SLA behind timely load and sample completion


All audit workflows can be customized to meet your business needs.

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99.9% uptime, 24/7, 365 – No more waiting for a slow, brittle home-grown tool.


  • Speed. No more waiting for pages or queries or drop-downs.
    Auditors log in and do their work – all time zones, overseas and domestic, night and day.
  • Large and Small Teams. Our clients manage audit teams of over 250 – to teams with fewer than 10.
  • Sized. We size the environment to your data and team so you get the speed you need.
  • Uptime and Response. We track in real time application up time and page load performance to meet our SLA.


With AuditWell you can rest assured that your auditors have the speed and availability to get the job done.

Welcome to ClaimAuditor
Welcome to ClaimAuditor

“In our old audit tool, everything landed in my inbox – you had to wade through emails to find and validate error responses from other departments.”



Different types of audits require different types of steps.


  • Checklists. Tools to manage how customized audit tasks or questions are completed.
  • Allocation. Customizable allocation to preset and easily change who audits which transactions.
  • Appeals.  Organize and manage your appeal process to meet your needs.
  • Error Assignment. Assign errors to processors , analysts, supervisors, departments – or don’t assign them at all.


With AuditWell you can set-up, manage and change how your team handles workflow steps across your various business audits.


AuditWell enables audit for any business transaction. Examples include:

  • Customer Service Calls
  • Claims
  • Enrollment
  • Benefit
  • Provider Setup
  • Contracts and Configuration
  • Membership
  • Inquiries

 If you need to audit it, you can likely do it in our platform.

Welcome to ClaimAuditor
Welcome to ClaimAuditor

Data You Know


What data fields make up your enrollment or claim or underwriting transaction data – we manage the data fields as they look to you.


  • Transaction Data. We take your fields as they are named. Your people recognize their data and your reporting can be linked to other sources.
  • Process Fields. We add a broad set of audit process fields to each transaction, providing streamlined support for audit processes and reporting.
  • Data Rules. We have customizable rules to ensure key identifiers are properly populated.
  • Population Controls. We have data controls to make sure the data we load matches the data you provided.


You are auditing transaction data your people already know.



We have tools to load your transaction population data and automatically sample from it.


  • Controls. Whether your data loads or your samples run correctly are both governed by transparent (and reportable) platform controls.
  • SLA. Loading and sampling drive the availability of work for your audit team – we put an SLA behind timely load and sample completion.
  • Changes. All load and sample changes follow a process and are logged for reporting.


Flexibility means – If you need to audit it, you can likely do it in our platform.

Welcome to ClaimAuditor

“On Monday mornings, all of our production audits are automatically sampled, loaded to AuditWell and work is waiting for each of the assigned auditors to login. This alone saves me about 15 hours a week.”

Welcome to ClaimAuditor

“Our Audit team can track every corrective action – from the time we find an error – notify the operations department – to the point adjustments are made to a claim and/ or config. “



All audits have secondary workflows (i.e., contract requests, corrective actions, training remediations, etc.) which can be set up in our platform.


  • Scale. Build as many secondary workflows as you need.
  • Reach. Secondary workflows touch users across the enterprise – not just the audit staff.
  • Tracking. Our platform makes it possible for everyone to see and track these types of ancillary requests.


If it’s related to an audit workflow you can track and manage it in our platform.



You manage the workflow, users, sampling and reporting settings – in the platform.


  • Do It Yourself. Our customers love that they can manage their own settings, fields, users and workflows.
  • Test Environment. Our standard setup includes a standalone test instance where you can try new workflows, audits and fields.
  • User Management. You can add and change your own users, roles, permissions and departments.
  • Workflow Management. Create your own error assignment, appeal, notification and workflow processes.
  • Custom Fields. With each workflow, you can create your own custom fields to support audit or process -specific reporting.


You are free from waiting on IT or some other department to help you make needed changes.

Welcome to ClaimAuditor
Welcome to ClaimAuditor



Our commitment to providing a secured environment to clients is validated through regular independent verification of our security, privacy, and compliance controls.


  • SOC2 Compliant. Datamethod completes an annual SOC2 audit of our platform and the processes we use to support it.
  • Permission Rules. Embedded in our platform are permission rules that allow our customers to manage which users can ‘see or work’ particular transactions.
  • HIPAA Compliance. We are fully HIPAA compliant and complete annual assessments.


Your data and your audits are carefully and deliberately protected.

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Our Gap Analysis process helps document your current end-to-end audit workflows, communications and process steps to identify exactly what is involved with the transition to AuditWell. Our experienced team works with your teams to ensure a seamless transition and that your return on investment is achieved quickly.


Our world class support team is built from former auditors, directors, adjudicators, and IT specialists so we can communicate in your language and meet your needs. All users are able to access our training support materials or our one-on-one support from within the application.


Future upgrades are included in your subscription fees. Audit needs change and our ongoing upgrade process helps ensure that we stay ahead of your changing business needs.