An Auditor’s Best Friend AuditWell

AuditWell is a fifth generation enterprise platform supporting distributed audit teams for Fortune 50 companies with best practice audit workflow and functionality.

You can even audit transactions beyond claims!

With these innovations, the AuditWell platform truly does support you in auditing well – and to achieve your audit and compliance goals.

I have 213 auditors and I can see, in real-time, what they’re doing.

I have three goals for my audit team this year – and AuditWell allows us to easily track each one.

We consolidated legacy systems claim feeds into one set of audits in AuditWell.

My audit team never waits for screens or pages to load.

AuditWell gives every auditor real-time dashboards to manage work, aging and productivity.

In AuditWell, we can move or reassign audits to other staff in less than a minute.

I come in on Monday morning and all our audit files are sampled – audit cases are automatically delivered to the correct auditor to work.

Ready to see how AuditWell will revolutionize your audits?

Key Features of AuditWell

Ready to see how AuditWell will revolutionize your audits?

All the important stuff

Our Gap Analysis process helps document your current end-to-end audit workflows, communications and process steps to identify exactly what is involved with the transition to AuditWell. Our experienced team works with your teams to ensure a seamless transition and that your return on investment is achieved quickly.

Our world class support team is built from former auditors, directors, adjudicators, and IT specialists so we can communicate in your language and meet your needs. All users are able to access our training support materials or our one-on-one support from within the application.

Future upgrades are included in your subscription fees. Audit needs change and our ongoing upgrade process helps ensure that we stay ahead of your changing business needs.

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