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Auditor Productivity / Time Tracking in ClaimAuditor

2019-01-29T07:37:51-05:00January 29th, 2019|

December, 2018 – Enhancements have been completed in ClaimAuditor which allow tracking and reporting of Auditor time… time working their production audits vs. time for other, non-audit tasks that may be performed in QA related tasks (training time, special project assignments, etc.).  This capability adds greater control for staffing assignments, business planning and claim/audit allocations.   As well, these new features provide clients the ability to analyze the work time needed to support different types of audit functions and programs.

Datamethod Awarded HIPAA Compliance Certification

2019-01-29T07:37:12-05:00January 29th, 2019|

December, 2018 – Datamethod solicited and has subsequently been awarded HIPAA Compliance Certification in December, 2018.  While we have always maintained HIPAA compliant levels of Security, Policy, Training and Administration it is particularly rewarding to have an outside, independent organization audit and validate our compliance to ensure that we are maintaining expected standards.

ClaimAuditor Releases Dashboard Widgets

2023-02-12T10:41:15-05:00November 29th, 2018|

November, 2018 – ClaimAuditor now includes customizable dashboards with reporting widgets.  For all the audit-user roles in ClaimAuditor (auditor, audit manager, error responder, claims manager,…) we have designed reporting widgets to support management of audit related tasks.  For example, Auditors have widgets that will enable each of them to view their own productivity (claims audited), errors logged and appealed as well as other audit-related workflow tasks.  At the same time, Management also has widgets to view overall team performance and backlog.   By moving these production metrics into inline reporting widgets we enable auditors and audit teams to directly manage their daily and weekly production goals.

Audit Best Practice Webinars – Relaunch

2018-11-14T18:50:11-05:00September 14th, 2018|

September, 2018 – Datamethod clients have routinely expressed interest in having a forum to learn about and discuss the variety of challenges that face health plan audit, configuration and recovery operations work. We’ve gathered topics of interest around these functions and will be hosting free webinar events, typically 45 minutes in length, on a monthly basis. Participants can learn of upcoming topics and register for events by visiting the ‘Education’ page of our website for details.

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